How To Match The Colour Of Your Floor With The Colour Of Your Wall’s

Welcome back the Floorless Floors blog! It can often be hard to navigate which colour palette is right for you to choose when it comes to your home. Trying to figure out which type of high-gloss laminate flooring you want can feel like a chore because of this. Fixing up your home should never feel like a chore and more like something that is fun and exciting. That is why we are here to help you decide how the theme of your house can be enhanced by the colour of the floor of your house.

It is important to think ahead of time to what colour you may want to paint the room in the future because even though Floorless Floors makes it easy for you to replace your flooring, it can still be much more expensive than the average paint cost. This is why in this blog, we will be telling you about multiple different colours that you can delve into so that you don’t have to feel stuck with a single colour for the rest of your home’s life. This will allow you to have more control over the customization of your house on a regular basis. 

Match With Your Room

When it comes to picking floor and wall colour, you should try and make it work with the room that you are putting it in. If you have the versatility to switch from dark coloured wood to lighter colours then it may be beneficial to do. For instance, in a living room or kitchen, you tend to want more open space. This means that using lighter colours will open it up more for you and guests. The brighter space will make your main entertaining space more inviting and vibrant.

Darker colours go well in bedrooms. This is because darker colours tend to make you feel more sleepy rather than alert. When you have a colour like this, it allows you to feel more restful which is exactly what you want to get out of your bedroom space. 

Light Versus Dark

All of these rules for colours can be thrown out the window if you truly have your heart set on something specific. It is just important to pay attention to both light and dark elements within a house. Too much of one thing can make a room feel too cold or small and vice versa. 

If you want to go with dark hardwood floors, then you usually want a brighter wall colour to provide a light element to your home. However, if you are set on having dark laminate flooring and dark wall colouring then you can do so. If you are doing this, then you need to have bright decorations to contrast the darkness in the room. For instance, getting a bright rug will brighten the room up and make it feel open rather than completely closed. This is something that can also be done with the use of lighter wall colours as well. If you do this, make sure to complement it with dark decorations instead.

Light Hardwood Floors

Light coloured flooring tends to go much better with more neutral tones. This will be your Whites, Grays, Creams and Tans. 

White & Cream

Using White is a good idea for almost any room regardless of the floor colour. It allows you to choose a wide variety of shades that can add cooler or warmer undertones to an entire room. While choosing a stark white may cause the room to feel washed out of colour, a softer white will allow the flooring and any art on the walls to pop and give a vibrant feeling. 

Cream is a white with a slightly yellowish undertone. This allows for the colour to give a bright a warm feeling without making everything around it feel washed out. It will still allow decorations to pop, but not as much as a white colouring would.


Grey is similar to white in the sense that it has the ability to come in a wide variety of shades. This will allow you to play around with the colouring quite a bit. One thing to avoid though is if your floor is grey then you should avoid painting your walls grey at any cost. This will cause the room to feel much smaller and darker than it actually is.


Tan is great because it can be used in a wide variety of ways. Both dark and lighter tones can complement the way your light flooring looks. This allows you to play around with a larger variety of colours. A darker tan will make the place seem smaller and a lighter tone will allow the room to feel much more open. It will also look great if you paint a darker tan on the wall and then a lighter tan on the trim. It will allow the room to remain neutral and not feel too small or big.

Dark Hardwood Floors

Dark hardwood such as this one can go a wide variety of ways, but you typically want to stay in the lighter shade territory so that you don’t make the room feel too small. If you don’t mind a room feeling small, then a darker colour can make for a dramatic room that allows for any bright decorations to pop.


A little colour can make your floors pop. It is important that you keep the colours in a very muted and pale tone though so it can complement the floor rather than clashing with it. A dark hardwood floor can be dramatic enough as it is and any bright colour on all floor walls will feel chaotic to the eyes.

If you absolutely want a bit of bright colour, it can often be very pretty to paint three of the walls in the room with a white or off white colour, and one wall with the bright vibrant colour of your choice. While this may look better with a flooring that is a more medium tone, it won’t look bad at all on a dark hardwood.

White & Off-White

It is generally a good rule of thumb that a shade of white will complement any colour of laminate flooring over hardwood. With the darker flooring, we would recommend anything with a warmer undertone. This will give your room vibrancy and allow the darker wood to not make it feel as small.

Medium Tones

Medium tones are often one of the easier flooring types to match colours with because they split the difference between dark and light wood laminate flooring. This allows you to simply be free to choose what complements your flooring rather than having to be stringent with the type of colours you can and can’t use. Follow the rules when it comes to contrasting dark and light to make the room feel open or closed off depending on what look you are going for. 

It is important to note that with these colours, you should choose something that complements what the toning of the floor colour is. For instance, if there are shades of blue in your wood, then going with a muted orange for the walls would look great because they are colour complements.

Flooring Without A Singular Colour

Here at Floorless Floors, we don’t simply supply basic high gloss laminate flooring, we also have some that you never thought possible such as our Marvel floors. When it comes to this, your floors are already showing that you have a bold sense of style. When choosing a wall colouring for this, you should match the colours that are portrayed on the floor itself. That comic book red or blue will work well. It is also ok to simply make your walls white. When it comes to this flooring, it is the main event in your room, so you don’t want to take away from it by painting the walls something that is completely different from the floors.

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