Millenium Oak

Brighten any space with our beautiful, Millenium Oak high-gloss laminate flooring in a cool grey tone. Continue reading

Icelandic Oak

Add a refined and modern touch to your home with our stunning Icelandic Oak high-gloss laminate flooring. It’s varied grey tones will stand out in any room. Continue reading


A solid grey shade that oozes class and elegance. A great alternative to black.

Silver Oak

This magnificent colour has a light reflection of grey with metallic tones that give it the precious name

Grey Slates

This must have avant-garde look is adaptable to many colour schemes.

Grey Stripes

Thin irregular strips ranging from light to rich grey shades give a stylish finish.

Sonoma Oak

The grain on this floor is incredible and creates a beautiful and deep texture.

Colorado Light Oak

Enjoy the colours and feelings of the American Rocky Mountains with this eye-catching high-gloss laminate flooring. Continue reading

High Gloss Bamboo

For a look that is as beautiful as it is environmentally conscious, choose these elegant bamboo floors. Continue reading

High Gloss Champagne

You’ll feel like celebrating everytime you set foot on this beautiful laminate flooring option. This champagne flooring is a gorgeous option for your home. Continue reading