The Little Known History Of Wood Flooring: Part One

What do you picture when you think of a house in Europe during the 1600s? You probably picture a beautiful home covered in lavish wood flooring right? Well, this is completely historically inaccurate. Here at Floorless Floors, we have a passion for educating and promoting our products so that you, the customer, can know every detail of your home. Over the course of the next few months, we will be detailing the history of wood floors and how they became known for becoming such a predominant material in the flooring industry and how it led to becoming a popular look for laminate flooring such as ours. 

Show Me The Money

The history of wood flooring dates back to the 1600s during the Baroque period which lasted from 1625-1714. This period of time had a wide gap between the rich and the poor. In order to show off how wealthy the rich were, they would do things to their home to show off the money that had obtained. One of the ways that they did this was wood flooring. The amount of wood needed to craft wooden floors was extremely costly which is why the lower class was not able to afford it. 

The flooring of this time period was not simply planks of wood laid down side by side. They would hand-cut and fitted together in three-dimensional designs. After this, they would be rubbed with sand and then stained to have a slick polished finish. This craftsmanship is something that has stood the test of time. You are able to see examples of this flooring in places like Versailles to this day.

New World, New Floors

The history of wood flooring, as being able to be obtained by every class did not truly start until 1607 when the 13 colonies came to be. The abundance of wood in the new world allowed the colonists to use wood to construct everything that they possibly could. You see before this period of time, many homes would not have flooring at all and would instead be the leveled dirt. During the wintertime, they would lay down hay to gain a bit of insulation.

The wood flooring that was crafted for many of these homes was not nearly as nice as you would often see in the lavish homes back in Europe though. The cut that would come from the tree would be uneven in both length and width leading it to look more humble than the way wood flooring looks now. These planks of wood typically lack staining but would eventually get that shine from years of use. 

As the pieces were laid down, they would often not be put into perfect order as one would expect from many floor types like high-gloss laminate flooring, and would instead be butted together as tightly as possible. This would leave many gaps within the wood which would allow the wood to slowly open more in time because of the fluctuations of temperature and humidity. It would not provide a good amount of insulation either allowing cold air to pass through the entire house from the basement below. 

This eventually led to a technique called “Ship-Lapping” which is what you see on all wood flooring nowadays. This simple technique allows for an interlocking cut in each piece of wood so that the plank can be more closely tied to the adjacent board. This was to combat the gap that would usually present itself when it would shrink.

The Flooring You Need

Wood flooring is what helped lead the way for flooring to become a necessity for anyone building a home so that it would be warm during the wintertime. Not only that, but it became a piece in your home that could tie the room together and give you the lavish look that you wanted. This is why Floorless Floors has become dedicated to giving you a high-gloss laminate flooring that is not only easy to install but also is extremely beautiful. Contact us today to learn more about our flooring and we look forward to seeing you read part two of the little known history of wooden floors!

Why A Floor Replacement Can Change Your Life

When you come home from work, you deserve a nice place that helps you decompress from the day. Often times, if our home isn’t doing that for us then we consider changing the colour of the walls or moving the furniture around to a different place, but have you ever considered changing the floors? 

Flooring is not often thought of as something that you need to change, but it can bring some of the best changes into our home as it makes everything feel completely fresh again regardless of the rest of the furnishings. With Floorless Floors, this change can be easier than you ever thought possible. 

Calm And Collected

When you come home, one of the first things you will notice any issues with is the floor. If your floor has an unsightly scratch or is really dirty, it has an effect on your subconscious. Our homes are meant to be safe spaces, so it is kind of funny that when our floors are dirty or scratched up in an unsightly manner, our brain leads us to feel a bit negative about our homes. Having a home where your floors are pristine can make you feel calmer and have a positive mood in regards to your day. You want your home to feel like a space that you can relax in. Installing a new floor in your home will allow you to feel like you are in relaxation heaven.

Increase Home Value

While coming home to a great new floor is nice in its own right, being financially secure is another way to make yourself feel good. Money is one of the biggest sources of stress in people’s lives. If you are planning to sell your home anytime soon, replacing the floors in your home can make your property value go up by quite a bit allowing you to feel a little bit more financially secure. 

Installing a new floor may seem like it will be a lot of money, but high gloss flooring from Floorless Floors is not going to break the bank to install. Not only that, a new floor can double, or even triple, the initial investment that you made to install them. 

Time For New Decorations

A floor can completely tie a room together which is why we tend to match all our furniture and wall colours to it. When you get a new floor installed, it can also present the perfect time to get new furniture as well. It is a really enjoyable experience to design the room with your exact vision rather than just going with what you inherited. This will allow you to perfectly attune the room that you are designing to make you feel calm and collected on a regular basis. 

Floorless Floors

We are your best bet when it comes to high gloss flooring. Our flooring will help change how you perceive your home, all at a budget-friendly cost. Contact us today about how you could get it installed in your home today!

How To Match The Colour Of Your Floor With The Colour Of Your Wall’s

Welcome back the Floorless Floors blog! It can often be hard to navigate which colour palette is right for you to choose when it comes to your home. Trying to figure out which type of high-gloss laminate flooring you want can feel like a chore because of this. Fixing up your home should never feel like a chore and more like something that is fun and exciting. That is why we are here to help you decide how the theme of your house can be enhanced by the colour of the floor of your house.

It is important to think ahead of time to what colour you may want to paint the room in the future because even though Floorless Floors makes it easy for you to replace your flooring, it can still be much more expensive than the average paint cost. This is why in this blog, we will be telling you about multiple different colours that you can delve into so that you don’t have to feel stuck with a single colour for the rest of your home’s life. This will allow you to have more control over the customization of your house on a regular basis. 

Match With Your Room

When it comes to picking floor and wall colour, you should try and make it work with the room that you are putting it in. If you have the versatility to switch from dark coloured wood to lighter colours then it may be beneficial to do. For instance, in a living room or kitchen, you tend to want more open space. This means that using lighter colours will open it up more for you and guests. The brighter space will make your main entertaining space more inviting and vibrant.

Darker colours go well in bedrooms. This is because darker colours tend to make you feel more sleepy rather than alert. When you have a colour like this, it allows you to feel more restful which is exactly what you want to get out of your bedroom space. 

Light Versus Dark

All of these rules for colours can be thrown out the window if you truly have your heart set on something specific. It is just important to pay attention to both light and dark elements within a house. Too much of one thing can make a room feel too cold or small and vice versa. 

If you want to go with dark hardwood floors, then you usually want a brighter wall colour to provide a light element to your home. However, if you are set on having dark laminate flooring and dark wall colouring then you can do so. If you are doing this, then you need to have bright decorations to contrast the darkness in the room. For instance, getting a bright rug will brighten the room up and make it feel open rather than completely closed. This is something that can also be done with the use of lighter wall colours as well. If you do this, make sure to complement it with dark decorations instead.

Light Hardwood Floors

Light coloured flooring tends to go much better with more neutral tones. This will be your Whites, Grays, Creams and Tans. 

White & Cream

Using White is a good idea for almost any room regardless of the floor colour. It allows you to choose a wide variety of shades that can add cooler or warmer undertones to an entire room. While choosing a stark white may cause the room to feel washed out of colour, a softer white will allow the flooring and any art on the walls to pop and give a vibrant feeling. 

Cream is a white with a slightly yellowish undertone. This allows for the colour to give a bright a warm feeling without making everything around it feel washed out. It will still allow decorations to pop, but not as much as a white colouring would.


Grey is similar to white in the sense that it has the ability to come in a wide variety of shades. This will allow you to play around with the colouring quite a bit. One thing to avoid though is if your floor is grey then you should avoid painting your walls grey at any cost. This will cause the room to feel much smaller and darker than it actually is.


Tan is great because it can be used in a wide variety of ways. Both dark and lighter tones can complement the way your light flooring looks. This allows you to play around with a larger variety of colours. A darker tan will make the place seem smaller and a lighter tone will allow the room to feel much more open. It will also look great if you paint a darker tan on the wall and then a lighter tan on the trim. It will allow the room to remain neutral and not feel too small or big.

Dark Hardwood Floors

Dark hardwood such as this one can go a wide variety of ways, but you typically want to stay in the lighter shade territory so that you don’t make the room feel too small. If you don’t mind a room feeling small, then a darker colour can make for a dramatic room that allows for any bright decorations to pop.


A little colour can make your floors pop. It is important that you keep the colours in a very muted and pale tone though so it can complement the floor rather than clashing with it. A dark hardwood floor can be dramatic enough as it is and any bright colour on all floor walls will feel chaotic to the eyes.

If you absolutely want a bit of bright colour, it can often be very pretty to paint three of the walls in the room with a white or off white colour, and one wall with the bright vibrant colour of your choice. While this may look better with a flooring that is a more medium tone, it won’t look bad at all on a dark hardwood.

White & Off-White

It is generally a good rule of thumb that a shade of white will complement any colour of laminate flooring over hardwood. With the darker flooring, we would recommend anything with a warmer undertone. This will give your room vibrancy and allow the darker wood to not make it feel as small.

Medium Tones

Medium tones are often one of the easier flooring types to match colours with because they split the difference between dark and light wood laminate flooring. This allows you to simply be free to choose what complements your flooring rather than having to be stringent with the type of colours you can and can’t use. Follow the rules when it comes to contrasting dark and light to make the room feel open or closed off depending on what look you are going for. 

It is important to note that with these colours, you should choose something that complements what the toning of the floor colour is. For instance, if there are shades of blue in your wood, then going with a muted orange for the walls would look great because they are colour complements.

Flooring Without A Singular Colour

Here at Floorless Floors, we don’t simply supply basic high gloss laminate flooring, we also have some that you never thought possible such as our Marvel floors. When it comes to this, your floors are already showing that you have a bold sense of style. When choosing a wall colouring for this, you should match the colours that are portrayed on the floor itself. That comic book red or blue will work well. It is also ok to simply make your walls white. When it comes to this flooring, it is the main event in your room, so you don’t want to take away from it by painting the walls something that is completely different from the floors.

Contact Us Today!

Whether you are looking for a muted floor tone or a bright and vibrant one, we have all of your high gloss laminate flooring needs in the UK covered. Our laminate flooring will be sure to impress any guest in your home without the hassle or upkeep of having an actual wood floor. Contact us today to request a quote or with questions about the floors themselves. We look forward to seeing you next time on the Floorless Floors blogs!

New Years Resolutions

Welcome back to the Floorless Floor blog. You may have noticed that we have not been as consistent with our blogging as I am sure many of you would have liked to see. This is why our New Year’s resolution is to be completely committed to bringing you information on DIY projects, laminate flooring, and other techniques that will help you improve your home. You can look forward to new posts every few weeks. So make sure to bookmark our blogs page so you never miss anything new.

Today, for our first post back, we will be talking about ideas that you should do in the New Years to help you improve the look and feel of your house in ways that you never imagined. Here are five things that you should try to do this year. 

Create New Things For Your Home

It can be far too easy to simply buy new things for your home. After all, when you are a homeowner you probably don’t have a lot of time to create things for yourself. Here is the thing though, creating something on your own will make you feel much happier. Every time you look at that item, you will feel satisfied that you did something that really helped your home grow into the way that you want it. 

When you create something on your own, you also have the ability to customise it in a way that would be most beneficial for you, for instance, if you were to build something like a spice rack. You could potentially build it for the perfect amount of spots, rather than getting a shelf that has too many or too little spaces for it. You also can paint it to completely match the kitchen that you are putting it in. This is a great way to completely customise your home with your vision.

Paint Your House

This is one of those things that can really help you out when you need it the most. Many people say that simply changing where you are at during any period of time can change your mindset. If you have been feeling anxious lately, then change your house to a nice cool tone such as blue and it will make your house feel relaxing. Allowing you to feel better about work, stress, and your home.

Move Things Around In Your Home

You don’t need to completely switch what rooms do what, but simply moving your couch or bed to a different place in that room can give you the change that you need in your life. It allows you to have more agency over your home and personal life by forcing change, if that is something that you feel like you need. It is recommended that you change the furniture in your house every six months to allow yourself to be ok with change on a regular basis. It will take you out of your regular headspace and allow you to be more fluid in your daily life.

Improve The Outside Of Your Home

Sometimes we can become so focused on the inside of the house that we forget that the outside needs improvements too. It is understandable. After all, we spend the majority of the time on the inside because it is where many of our items are that we use on a daily basis. That should not stop you from improving the outside of your house though. When it comes to the front yard, it is the first thing that you see when you get home from work. If the front of your house doesn’t look nice, then it can give you a negative overall feeling of the night ahead. Improving this will make everyone notice how pretty your house is and make you feel better about it from day to day.

Improving the backyard is just as important. You may feel like it is a place that you can ignore because you don’t use it or see it nearly as much, but it can actually be a gateway to feeling good about your entire life on a regular basis. Our bodies crave the outdoors, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be going for a walk or a hike to really feel that. Your backyard can be your own outdoor oasis. Even if it is too cold to go out and enjoy it, it can be something that you look at every day so that you look forward to future times when you can use it. This can help you feel better on a more consistent basis. 

Replace Your Floors

While this can be a rather expensive endeavor to take on, it can mean a whole world of difference for you and your family. If you go through with getting a new floor, then you can be guaranteed that it will make your home feel more like you want and less like something that you inherited. Even if a part of the floor itself gets scratched, it will be something that was created by you or your family which will create memories that could last a lifetime even if it’s frustrating at the moment. Luckily, our high-gloss floors don’t get scuffed up easily, so it isn’t something that will have to worry about unless you are too hard on it.  

This can also help increase the value of your home, so if you ever plan on selling it, you know that you are making improvements for the future. Your home is an investment and you always want to make sure that your investments make you happy, so do things that will help you do so. 

Contact Us

Thank you for reading the start of our new blog! We hope that you enjoyed it and maybe came up with a new resolution that will help you improve your own life! We will be updating our blog on a regular basis, so when you are looking for new DIY projects or ideas, check out our blog before anywhere else. Remember, for any of your flooring needs, contact us today to get high gloss laminate flooring that you can easily install in your home! We look forward to seeing you in our next blog!

4 Reasons to Install High-Gloss Laminate Flooring, Part 2

When it comes to installing new flooring in your home, you want to find a flooring option that matches your style and fits your budget. As you begin planning your new floor upgrade, you can choose hardwood floors, but do you really want to spend the time it takes to care for them? You could also choose tile floors, but tile can get quite pricey. Or, you could make a brilliant choice by choosing a flooring option that offers a wide array of benefits: high gloss flooring, and here’s why. High gloss laminate flooring is:

  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Water resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain

While these are all excellent reasons to choose shiny laminate flooring, there are so many more left to explore! Today, we are going to pick up where we left off last time and look at four more reasons why you ought to install gloss laminate flooring in your home. Ready to see all the options you will have to choose from? Visit Floorless Floors now to start shopping our range of affordable, luxury floors.


Four More Reasons to Install High Gloss Flooring

A Range of Options

When it comes to flooring, you want and deserve options. While some might fancy a floor that resembles oak, others might prefer the clean, refined style of graphite-colored flooring. High gloss floors offer a range of color options that mimic different textures, making them one of the most versatile flooring options for any home upgrade application.

Colors for All Tastes

Wood floors come in the usual shades of brown, ranging from light to dark, depending on the wood species. Shiny laminate flooring, on the other hand, offers many different color selections to deliver the perfect touch of elegance to any room. What’s more, you can get very creative with decorating to create a beautiful contrast between your flooring, walls, and furniture.

Fun Flooring Options for the Kids

Most standard flooring options don’t always take the kiddos into consideration. Sure, you can choose a vibrant colored carpet for your children’s bedrooms and playrooms, but carpet can get stained, torn, and absorbs allergens. Unlike carpets, high gloss floors can feature some really fun designs that are perfect for children and grown-ups who are big kids at heart. Take, for instance, our Marvel™ Comics High Gloss Flooring. We’ve teamed up with Marvel to bring homes across the UK fun flooring designs that are stylish, easy to clean, and won’t absorb allergens as carpet does, making them an ideal solution for children’s bedrooms, playrooms, and more!

Affordable Modern Styles for Your Modern Life

When you make the decision to update your floors to add style, comfort, and value to your home, you want to choose flooring that is affordable and long-lasting so you get the most out of your investment. Super high gloss laminate flooring delivers a modern style for your modern life. With so many options to choose from, you can afford to pick a different style for each room in your home and enjoy all the benefits of high gloss flooring with every step you take. When it’s time to upgrade your floors, take a step in the right direction by choosing a modern floor design that can provide years and more of enjoyment at a fraction of the cost of other flooring options.

Shop Floorless Floors and Save!

When you are ready to make a smart decision with your flooring upgrade, high gloss flooring options should be at the tippy top of your list. Along with providing a long-lasting shine, high gloss laminate floors at the perfect touch of elegance to any home, but without the expensive price tag that comes with most other flooring options. Visit Floorless Floors today, the UK’s leading flooring experts, to find a flooring option that is easy to install, easy to maintain, and offers a sophisticated style for any home and any budget.

4 Reasons to Install High-Gloss Laminate Flooring, Part 1

Welcome back to the Floorless Floors blog! Now that we’re well into the new year, many of you may be planning to start home improvements as part of your New Year’s resolutions; plans which may include updating your flooring. In a sea of flooring options, it can be quite overwhelming to have to choose between so many types. But if you’re looking for modern flooring with a sophisticated feel at a fraction of the price, high-gloss laminate flooring is a fantastic option that you’ll want to consider.

Today, the flooring experts at Floorless Floors will share with you four reasons to install high- gloss laminate flooring in your home. Ready to shop our range? Visit Floorless Floors to find affordable modern flooring for your modern life, or visit our warehouse in High Wycombe, which is open seven days a week for convenient, in-person collections.

Four Reasons to Choose High-Gloss Laminate Flooring

Easy to Install

To be quite frank, high-gloss flooring is one of the easiest types of flooring to install. Simply lay down each plank, which fit together perfectly thanks to our simple Unilin click fitting system. Installing laminate flooring has never been easier and can be completed in a timely fashion. Laying down high-gloss flooring is simply the stress-free way to update the floors in your home.


High-gloss flooring is one of the most durable types of flooring on the market, which is one reason why it is also one of the most popular options. While any type of shiny laminate flooring can be scratched or scuffed, we use a tough lacquer layer that is meant to stand up to the test of time. Better yet, high-gloss laminate flooring is impact and fade resistant, providing lasting beauty, function, and enjoyment.  

Water Resistant

One of the top reasons to choose shiny laminate flooring over other options is because it is water and splash resistant. This makes cleaning up spills extremely easy. There’s no need to worry about water penetrating to the underlying layer of your flooring because the layer of lacquer functions as a barrier.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Our super high-gloss flooring is extremely easy to clean and care for. Where some flooring, like hardwood flooring, requires special floor cleaning products, our range of high-gloss flooring can be cleaned with a mop and water. For a deeper clean that delivers better results, we recommend using a vacuum steamer with detergent to give your floors an extra shine.


Shop High Gloss Flooring and Save

Are you ready to add a touch of luxury to your home? At Floorless Floors, we specialise in high-gloss flooring, which makes us a leading retailer of high-quality flooring in the UK. Shop our range of high gloss laminate flooring featuring stunning textures and colours. When you find selections that speak to your unique style, feel free to order samples, all priced at £0.99. When you settle on a flooring option, we deliver across the UK, or you can visit our warehouse to collect your flooring in person. Visit Floorless Floors today to add the perfect touch of luxury and sophistication to your home at a fraction of the cost.

Yes…we have been quite

Folks we have been exceedingly quite on the blog front for some time. This has mainly been due to the fact we have been working on some new colours for Summer 2017. Watch this space….photos will be coming shortly and the wait will be worth it 🙂

Silver Oak has landed

Our design team has been hard at work again this summer and we are proud to unveil our latest addition to our high gloss collection, Silver Oak.

We all know that greys are the new brown and Silver Oak is something really special. Another exclusive colour to Floorless Floors.

Silver Oak

Our designers have been hard at work

Our design team have been hard at work over the past 3 months to come up with two more exclusive designs to compliment our growing range of high gloss laminate.

We are pleased to announce ‘Grey Slates’ and ‘Grey Stripes’

Trends and tastes are ever changing and we work hard to make sure we are offering our customers the most innovative designs available.

Greys are now the new ‘Brown’ when it comes to wood effect laminate.

To celebrate the launch of our two new products we are offering a discount of 20% for all order placed before April 15th 2016.

  grey-slates grey-stripes