Calling all exhibition stand design companies

Earlier this year exhibition companies have taken a strong liking to Floorless Floors high gloss laminte, especially designer white. The flooring adds a fantastic finish to an exhibition booth.

At trade shows it is crucial for your exhibition booth to stand out from your competitors. One sure way to capture the attention of passer’s by is to have Flooress Floors high gloss laminate laid down. The reflection of light is hard to miss and is more than enough to engage a potential customer to pop into your booth.

Further to this our designer white gives a clean cut, crisp and professional image.

If you are an exhibition design company then do you get in touch with us to benefit from our exclusive trade rates.

The below pictures show one of our clients preparing for a trade show. The colour in question is no doubt our hugely popular designer white high gloss laminate.

Floor Build 1_1 Floor Build 2_1 Floor Build 3_1  

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