Designer White used in a photography studio

We are very pleased to hear that Floorless Floors Designer white laminate was recently laid down in Peach Lane photograpy studio (, a family run business in Buckinghamshire.

Studio owner Andrea Lane kindly left us the following testimonial…..

‘We’re really pleased with the flooring. It’s made such a difference to our photoshoots. It has a lovely reflective surface that doesn’t distract from the subjects. It’s really easy to clean with shoe marks rubbing off easily. We used to have a white infinity wall in our previous studio that needed painting every week to keep it clean. This new white floor is a pleasure. I’m going to recommend it to my photography friends with studios. We’ve also used the reflections in the new floor to good effect on a product shoot that we did for someone who sells Neon signs.’

If the flooring is good enough to be used in a photgraphy studion then it is certainly good enough to be used in any home!

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