How Do I Get Scratches Out Of High-Gloss Laminate Flooring?

You love your high-gloss laminate flooring from Floorless Floors. It looks good, it’s easy to maintain, and your whole home feels warm and cozy. However, high-gloss laminate flooring can get scratched. Below, we’ll tell you how you can get scratches out of your high-gloss laminate flooring, and shop Floorless Floors today!


Try WD-40

Similar to duct tape, WD-40 has many uses, including helping to remove scratches from your high-gloss laminate flooring. Spray some WD-40 on a spare kitchen cloth and get to rubbing. You don’t have to worry about WD-40 causing any more damage to your flooring as it’s ingredients won’t do any

Tooth paste


The ingredients in toothpaste are perfect for rubbing out scratches from your high-gloss laminate flooring. You dab some toothpaste onto a spare cloth or kitchen rag and begin rubbing. You should notice the scruff mark, scrape, and skin mark diminish or be removed completely.

Rubber Eraser

Rubber Eraser

Surprisingly, scuff marks respond well to rubber such as a rubber eraser on the end of a pencil. Any rubber will do, even the sole of a tennis shoe. Since scuff marks are typically rubber residue from other rubber that has stuck to your high-gloss laminate flooring, rubber will help get it away.

commercial cleaning

Commercial Cleaner

To remove scratches and marks from your high-gloss laminate flooring, invest in a commercial cleaner. Just be sure that the ingredients in the cleaner are gentle and non abrasive. Another great idea is to test a spot before spraying the cleaner all over your flooring.


Floorless Floors offers the best in high-gloss laminate flooring. We offer a wide variety of colors and styles to meet your needs, from mimicking wood to white and black laminate flooring. We offer a generous return and exchange policy, as well as a process for if you receive damaged flooring. If you are interested in our high-gloss laminate flooring, get in touch today.

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