Is High Gloss Laminate Flooring Only For The Kitchen?

Although its luxurious appearance makes it ideal for kitchens, the truth is that high gloss laminate flooring is a material that’s well-suited for pretty much anywhere in your home! Where else does it make sense to use this beautiful flooring, you ask? We’re sharing our thoughts in today’s post, so keep reading to learn more.

high gloss flooring


Looking to give your pantry a makeover? This Silver Oak high gloss laminate flooring is a smart solution. Not only will it help transform the look of your pantry, but it also provides you with the many benefits of laminate flooring. No matter your specific pantry, if you’re considering making a change, new flooring is a wise choice that you’ll appreciate for years to come.

high gloss flooring in a dining room

Dining Room

Everyone deserves to have a dining room that exudes elegance, and this Chocolate Walnut high gloss laminate flooring is a wise option to consider. With its deep, rich browns and its timeless appearance, this is one flooring option that not only provides you with the benefits of laminate floors, but also costs significantly less than its wood counterpart. In other words, it’s a win/win!

high gloss flooring in an entryway


Entryways are a smart place to use high gloss laminate flooring, and that’s particularly true when the color you choose is a clean, pure white. There’s something about white flooring that just brings a space together, and with its high gloss surface, laminate is easy to clean, making it a wonderful option for any entryway. Better yet, it’s a color that reflects natural light, and it’s always a plus to have a bright, beautiful entryway to welcome guests into your home.

high gloss flooring used as a backsplash in a dining area

Get Creative!

The truth is that high gloss laminate flooring is suitable for a variety of different locations across your home. Whether you’re in the market for gloss laminate flooring, white laminate flooring, black laminate flooring, or something entirely different, you’ll find a great selection at Floorless Floors. Our advice? If you’re considering making a change, be sure to keep your eye on the high gloss laminate flooring in our clearance section!

At the end of the day, we believe that everyone deserves to have an interior space that is modern, inviting, and durable. Have a question about laminate floors? Be sure to take a look at our most frequently asked questions or feel free to contact us to get personalized advice or assistance. Ready to improve your home? Shop our full selection of flooring today!

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