Colorado Light Oak

Enjoy the colours and feelings of the American Rocky Mountains with this eye-catching high-gloss laminate flooring. Continue reading →

High-Gloss Designer Black

For a stark contrast to your decor and furnishings, choose this sophisticated and suave high-gloss black floor. Continue reading →

High-Gloss Designer White

To create a space that exudes luxury, select this high-gloss laminate floor in a flawless white colour. Continue reading →

High-Gloss Chocolate Walnut

This deep, chocolate brown, walnut-finished laminate flooring is a popular choice for homeowners looking to add a refined element to…

High-Gloss Rustic Champagne

You’ll feel like celebrating every time you set foot on this beautiful laminate flooring option. This champagne flooring is a…

High-Gloss Bamboo

For a look that is as beautiful as it is environmentally conscious, choose these elegant bamboo floors. Continue reading →

Icelandic Oak

Add a refined and modern touch to your home with our stunning Icelandic Oak high-gloss laminate flooring. Its varied grey…

Millenium Oak

Brighten any space with our beautiful, Millenium Oak high-gloss laminate flooring in a cool grey tone. Continue reading →

Ontario Oak

Gives your room a breathtaking new lease on life, as well as creating a sense of space. Continue reading →