Grey Slates

For a cutting-edge look in your home, choose this versatile and stylish grey slate high-gloss laminate flooring. Continue reading

Grey Stripes

For a flooring finish like none other, this laminate flooring lends the appearance of finely laid slats of wood, all in a wide palette of grey shades. Continue reading

Sonoma Oak

With a striking wood grain, you’ll love the beautifully nuanced textures and patterns of this high-gloss laminate flooring. Continue reading

Colorado Light Oak

Enjoy the colours and feelings of the American Rocky Mountains with this eye-catching high-gloss laminate flooring. Continue reading

High Gloss Bamboo

For a look that is as beautiful as it is environmentally conscious, choose these elegant bamboo floors. Continue reading

High Gloss Rustic Champagne

You’ll feel like celebrating everytime you set foot on this beautiful laminate flooring option. This champagne flooring is a gorgeous option for your home. Continue reading

High Gloss Sandy Oak

For those looking for a flooring that captures the look of natural wood without all the costly maintenance, choose this stunning shiny laminate flooring. Continue reading