• Red Underlay Damp Proof

    Red Underlay Damp Proof

    ( £24.99 per pack )

    Reduces moisture migration with a 0.8mm PE film. Exponentially reduces sound and has excellent thermal regulation properties. Features a convenient adhesive strip to enable hassle-free installation.

  • Silver Acoustic Underlay

    Silver Acoustic Underlay

    ( £19.99 per pack )

    This underlay has excellent sound reduction and thermal properties and even helps to prolong the life of your floor by supporting the joints.

    A silver foil vapour barrier with a 200mm over lap acts as an excellent damp proof membrane to protect your floor from moisture.

  • 1.5mm High Density Underlay

    1.5mm High Density Underlay

    ( £29.99 per pack )

    This underlay is ideal for laminate, engineered wood and solid wood flooring. The attached vapour barrier ensures it is non absorbent and mold/mildew resistent. Ideal to hide minor sub floor defects. Reduces in room step sound.


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