• Silver Acoustic Underlay

    Silver Acoustic Underlay

    ( £19.99 per pack )

    If you’re putting high-gloss laminate flooring over an irregular subfloor, you’ll want this underlay to ensure that your flooring doesn’t warp.


    • Prevents moisture from traveling to subflooring
    • Softens uneven subflooring
    • Reduces sound, perfect for higher story flats
    • Perfect for protecting laminate from concrete or stone subflooring

    This underlay provides excellent sound reduction and thermal properties to keep your flooring comfortable at all times of year. Best of all, this underlay helps to prolong the life of your floor by supporting the joints and protecting it from harsh subfloor materials. A silver foil vapour barrier with a 200mm overlap acts as an excellent, damp-proof membrane to protect your floor from moisture.

  • 1.5mm High-Density Underlay

    1.5mm High-Density Underlay

    ( £29.99 per pack )

    Make the most of your new high-gloss laminate floors by putting down this high-density underlay to reduce sound and hold heat better. 1.5mm high-density underlay made for laminate and hardwood flooring


    • Non-absorbent
    • Mold and mildew resistant 
    • Includes a vapour barrier
    • Appropriate for engineered and solid wood flooring as well as laminate
    • Hides sub-floor defects

    Ensure that your investment in high-gloss laminate flooring is a lasting one with this high-quality underlay. Our underlay helps to reduce the amount of sound that travels through the floors, making it a necessity for those adding high-gloss flooring to second or third-story rooms. 

  • Green Underlay Damp Proof

    Green Underlay Damp Proof

    ( £24.99 per pack )

    Putting an underlayment beneath your high-gloss laminate flooring offers a host of benefits, and makes caring for your flooring easier.Green, damp-proof underlay made for laminate flooring


    • Prevents irregularities in flooring
    • Prevents laminate from buckling or warping
    • Reduces of sound of footsteps
    • Ideal for upper floor rooms
    • Advanced moisture barrier
    • Easy to install

    To ensure that your high-gloss laminate flooring looks great for years to come, start by placing an underlayment down before you lay your first flooring panel. Our Green Underlay Damp Proof reduces moisture migration with a 0.8mm PE film. Each panel of underlayment exponentially reduces sound and has excellent thermal regulation properties. It also features a convenient adhesive strip to enable hassle-free installation.


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