Green Underlay Damp Proof

Putting an underlayment beneath your high-gloss laminate flooring offers a host of benefits, and makes caring for your flooring easier.

  • • An underlayment prevents any irregularities in the floor from causing your laminate to buckle or warp.
  • • Placing an underlayment down also helps with reducing the sound of your feet walking across the floor, making it ideal for flats, apartments, and more.
  • • The moisture barrier keeps your laminate floors from buckling and breaking apart.
  • • This underlayment is very easy to install.
To ensure that your high-gloss laminate flooring looks great for years to come, start by placing an underlayment down before you lay your first floor panel. This underlayment reduces moisture migration with a 0.8mm PE film. Each panel of underlayment exponentially reduces sound and has excellent thermal regulation properties. Our red underlay features a convenient adhesive strip to enable hassle-free installation.

Green Underlay Damp Proof

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Thickness : 3mm
Pack Size : 15m2
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