What Are The Types Of High-Gloss Laminate Flooring Floorless Floors Offers?

There are many benefits to investing in high-gloss laminate flooring for your home. Laminate flooring is durable, resists stains and fading, and can withstand wear and tear quite well. Floorless Floors offers many different types of high-gloss laminate flooring for you to choose from. See some of our favorites below, and browse online today!

High-Gloss Designer White

One of our most popular flooring options is our High-Gloss Designer White Laminate Flooring. Thai flooring will give your space an air of cleanliness and remind you of a breath of fresh air. Match with any decor of your choosing, and enjoy for years to come. Shop today.

Silver Oak

Light-colored flooring has the ability to light up a space brilliantly. Our Silver Oak High-Gloss Laminate Flooring. You’ll love the color and the aesthetics of this flooring as it offers a cool grey with accents that will help your home decor stand out. Your guests will rave, and it’ll be a flooring you’ll love. Shop today!

Chocolate Walnut – High Gloss Laminate Flooring

Many people love the look of dark wood flooring. One big advantage that homeowners love is the fact that dark wood hides dirt and scuff marks, which is important for families with young children or with pets. Our Chocolate Walnut High-Gloss Laminate Flooring is simply divine, boasting the deep browns that walnut wood is known for. When you apply polish, this flooring choice will be the highlight of your room. Shop today!

Graphite – High Gloss Laminate Flooring

One of Floorless Floors more unique and popular flooring options is our Graphite High-Gloss Laminate Flooring. This deep gray is great for basements, garages, commercial spaces, industrial space, or anywhere in your home. You can pair this flooring with light-colored furniture for a unique look and feel that will impress. Shop today!


With years of experience, Floorless Floors can’t wait to help you customize the look and feel of your home or office. Our high-quality, high-gloss laminate flooring is top in the industry. We offer many different colors and styles so you can truly customize your space to speak to you. We invite you to shop all of our high-gloss laminate flooring online today!

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